Cancellation Policy 

You can cancel yourself out of class free of charge up to three hours before the start of class.  If you cancel yourself out of class within three hours of the class start time, you will be charged:

one class credit (for those using 5 or 10 class packages)


$10.00 late cancel fee (for those using an unlimited monthly package)

Class Expiration

Our class packages expire depending on the number of classes purchased. We give you a little more time to work through our larger class packages because, well, there are more classes to get through.

Note: expiration timeframes begin the day you purchase the package.

New Client 30-day Unlimited: 30 days after purchase

Drop-In single class: 1 month after purchase

5-pack: 2 months after purchase

10-pack: 4 months after purchase

Class Waitlist

If there is a waitlist for class, not to worry! We actively monitor class registration, so continue to sign up, and as soon as a space becomes available, we will automatically add you into the class and alert you via email.  

If you’re waitlisted for a class but know in advance that you won’t be able to make it, please remove yourself from the waitlist by cancelling from your schedule in MINDBODY account.  This will allow us to add someone else who is waiting to get into the class.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

(but not too often!)

Because we live in New England, we know it’s inevitably going to snow each winter season and we will take the proper precautions as each storm passes through.  Your safety, and the safety of our staff, is of utmost importance so we will use our judgement accordingly and alert you (via email and on our social media) of any schedule changes or class cancellations.  

If class is cancelled, your credit will be added back into your account automatically. If the class time shifts but remains on the schedule, we will keep you registered in the class and notify you of this change.

Studio Etiquette


Please arrive 10 minutes before each class start time to give yourself (and us) time to check-in and get settled. We do lock our doors during each class so it’s important to arrive on-time!  


Our studio space is cell phone free.  This is YOUR time to focus on YOU, without any distractions, so please keep your phones on silent with your belongings or in your car.  Use the time to bring a focused mind and body into the studio, it's so worth it!


In order to keep our studio space clean and free of sand and dirt, please remove your shoes upon entering the studio room.  For classes requiring sneakers, we ask that you bring a separate pair of clean, indoor sneakers.