Barre Haven

Barre Haven is our signature, full-body workout intended to build balance in the body, challenge core stability and improve muscular strength and flexibility. The low-impact, high repetition targeted movements are sure to get your muscles shaking and sculpted! Props are limited to light free weights, resistance balls and yoga blocks.


Haven Fusion

The best of both worlds! Haven Fusion blends our two signature classes, Barre Haven and Mat Haven, for a creative, full-body workout focusing on balance, muscular strength and flexibility BOTH at the Barre and on your mat! Props may include a mix of dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga blocks, pilates rings (whatever your instructor is in the mood for!).  Class is fast-paced, loud and FUN!



Mat Haven

Skip the ballet barre and keep the work on your fitness mat during this full-body class incorporating a variety of exercise props (resistance bands, thigh rings, yoga blocks, light free weights). Most similar to Mat Pilates fitness style, this class keeps the movements small to strengthen and stretch your muscles creating a long and lean physique.


Oasis (Stretch & Tone)

Exactly what its name implies: a slower paced, full-body class set to the tone of relaxing music in a dimly lit, heated room. Intended to strengthen and stretch overly tight areas of the body with a heightened focus on breathing throughout. Highly targeted, small isometric movements will connect your mind to your body, leaving you feeling more open and balanced.



Cardio Surge

Get your body moving (and the sweat pouring) with this high intensity, fast-paced calorie burning cardio class. Indoor sneakers required as much the body will be in consistent movement through jumping jacks, lunges, jump squats and more. Offered in a quick, yet no less challenging, 45-minute express class! Props are limited to light, free weights.


Haven HIIT

Haven’s high intensity interval training class designed to improve physical strength and endurance while highlighting the importance of recovery. Bursts of high intensity, compound, dynamic movements are followed by short resting periods to achieve calorie torching results, both during and after your workout. Props are limited to light free weights – you’ll be surprised what your own body resistance can do!



Power Vinyasa

Strengthen and stretch in Haven’s Power Vinyasa. Our approach connects each movement with breath, allowing you to access the most out of every pose. This well-rounded class moves swiftly through each pose to build strength, balance, and flexibility through the entire body. You will leave class feeling invigorated and limber. This all-levels class incorporates the use of essential oils with cool lavender towels to enjoy during shavasana. Studio temperature is around 90°F (fully heated).


Vinyasa Stretch & Flow

Haven’s Vinyasa Stretch and Flow offers a slow-paced Vinyasa style practice, designed to more deeply connect breath to movement. This slower approach gives you the opportunity to notice how your mind and body respond to each pose, allowing you to create a meaningful connection with your practice. While this class is intended for all levels, this is a supportive practice for those new to Vinyasa yoga. Class incorporates the use of essential oils with cool lavender towels to enjoy during shavasana. Studio temperature is around 90°F (fully heated).


Yin Yoga

Haven’s Yin Yoga relaxes and resets your body and mind with a slow-moving floor-based practice. Our approach involves heavy use of props and long holds to allow your body to gently soften into poses that deeply stretch and relieve tension in legs, hips, and spine. Along with intentional breathing and guided relaxation techniques, your Yin practice will give you the space your body and mind crave. This all-levels class incorporates the option for essential oils and hands-on assists. Studio temperature is 80°F (moderately heated). *Try our special CANDLELIGHT Yin Yoga experience every 2nd Sunday of the month.*



Incorporating the principles of both Yin and Vinyasa, Haven’s Yinyasa is an integrative yoga experience. Class begins with slow-moving postures and breathing exercises to open and prepare the body and mind for a fluid Vinyasa series. After a short and gentle series of flowing postures, you will deepen your mind/body connection with a few Yin style poses using the support of props. Haven’s Yinyasa is a lovely blend of two powerful yoga styles to give you a well-rounded practice. This all-levels class incorporates the option for essential oils and hands-on assists. Studio temperature is around 70°F (mildly warm).


SPA Yoga

Spa yoga is a 75 min slow flow floor based yoga class that is grounded on the Fluid Yoga Sequencing. The physical practice spends time opening all energetic points of the body to leave the practitioner with a blissed out feeling. We will end with a relaxing 15 minute guided meditation. During SPA, you may discover extra hands on assists and massages, a calming candlelit room atmosphere, delightful scents and beautiful background music.  Studio temperature is around 75°F (mildly warm).