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Alison and Jeff Cavallo are both New England natives, born and raised in Rhode Island and Connecticut, whom recently uprooted from Boston to move back to RI.  They’re lovers of everything ocean-related, always finding an excuse to get to the beach or visit Block Island.  Family, friends and pets (our fur-babies Lucy and Rhody) are the most important aspects of life so you'll often hear Alison sharing personal moments and stories with others. You’ll find Jeff behind the scenes crunching numbers and thinking up new strategies (he is an analytics guy after all).  And Alison, she’ll work you through an exciting class each day with the music pumping and the sweat dripping!

What is Haven Fitness?

Haven Fitness is an all-inclusive boutique fitness studio specializing in Barre, Yoga, Mat and Cardio classes.  No longer do you need to juggle multiple studio memberships for a well-rounded fitness routine, we cover all of the bases!  

Our professionally trained, experienced instructors each bring their own personality to the movements and music of class, however, all whole-heartedly believe in the Haven Promise and our unique Tri-tone technique, a method of conducting three sets of each movement to train and challenge the body for achieving strong, visible results! 


    Our signature method of low-impact and targeted movements.

  • MAT

    Strengthen and stretch for a long and lean physique.


    Heart pumping, sweat dripping and calorie-burning.

  • YOGA

    Flow through your practice for a balanced body and mind.


The Haven Promise


That safe and comfortable place you go to when you need a moment for you.

Haven Fitness is a welcoming, energetic, and supportive community all working out together while achieving their own goals. Our studio provides an environment to take an hour for YOU to relieve stress, increase physical strength, improve health, and most importantly, have fun!

Leave each class feeling stronger with a smile.

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From heart pumping and sweat dripping to mindful movements and deep breaths, we've got all the classes you need for a well-rounded fitness routine.

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