Barre Haven

Barre Haven is our signature, full-body workout intended to build balance in the body, challenge core stability and improve muscular strength and flexibility. The low-impact, high repetition targeted movements are sure to get your muscles shaking and sculpted! Props are limited to light free weights, resistance balls and yoga blocks.



Mat Haven

Skip the ballet barre and keep the work on your fitness mat during this full-body class incorporating a variety of exercise props (resistance bands, thigh rings, yoga blocks, light free weights). Most similar to Mat Pilates fitness style, this class keeps the movements small to strengthen and stretch your muscles creating a long and lean physique.


Oasis (Stretch & Tone)

Exactly what its name implies: a slower paced, full-body class set to the tone of relaxing music in a dimly lit, heated room. Intended to strengthen and stretch overly tight areas of the body with a heightened focus on breathing throughout. Highly targeted, small isometric movements will connect your mind to your body, leaving you feeling more open and balanced.



Cardio Surge

Get your body moving (and the sweat pouring) with this high intensity, fast-paced calorie burning cardio class. Indoor sneakers required as much the body will be in consistent movement through jumping jacks, lunges, jump squats and more. Offered in a quick, yet no less challenging, 45-minute express class! Props are limited to light, free weights.


Haven HIIT

Haven’s high intensity interval training class designed to improve physical strength and endurance while highlighting the importance of recovery. Bursts of high intensity, compound, dynamic movements are followed by short resting periods to achieve calorie torching results, both during and after your workout. Props are limited to light free weights – you’ll be surprised what your own body resistance can do!



Vinyasa Yoga

Haven’s version of “power yoga,” a form of yoga where clients fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing into their movements, both as a class and individually. This class focuses on flexibility, balance and strength and is taught in a heated environment.


Yin Yoga Slow Flow

Take an hour to slow down your body and connect with your mind and breath with this passive practice. Class consists of a series of longer-held meditative floor poses intended to stretch the lower body; hips, pelvis, spine, thighs. With dimly lit lighting and essential oils diffusing, you’re sure to leave feeling balanced and relaxed. Studio is not heated.


Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is where traditional Heated Vinyasa Yoga meets strength training. Class is set to upbeat music in a heated environment and incorporates light free weights. Intended to increase strength and flexibility and to build lean muscle mass while connecting breath throughout.